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"But you never know, do you? No, you just never know what is going on inside the heart of a person, you can’t really ever be sure."

Autobahn invites you to take a peek into the lives of 10 different people. 10 people that stretch the width and breadth of British culture. Everyone has something to say, but what isn't being said? what is really going on under the surface? The Scullions Neoterics invite you to ask these questions in this original and immersive production that brings The Scullions to new and exciting heights in this thought-provoking adaptation.

"terrific performance...The acting talent of this young company was remarkable, with no weak link in this ten-strong cast."


- Sarah Singleton (Swindon Advertiser)

"[I was] captivated by the play’s conclusion. This was, no doubt, thanks to the quality of the performances."


- Charlie Gearon (Bristol24/7)

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