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Antony and Cleopatra

Re-imagined in the roaring 20's, we told this ancient tale through the decadent and party-fuelled lives of the young and disgustingly rich aristocrats of the time or the 'bright young things' and reflected it with the dark and dangerous criminal underworld of prohibition America. 

Cleopatra was born to the greatest fortune in Egypt. accustomed to such wealth, her life is a constant party of drink, drugs, and fancy dress. Dubbing herself 'The Queen of the Nile' she and her entourage feel like gods among men. but such security calls for some excitement. By arranged encounter Cleopatra finds herself the lover of a very dangerous man. Mark Antony of Rome and one of a trio of men that run the criminal underworld with an iron fist as 'The Triumvirate'. As these worlds collide through their union, feathers will be ruffled and Egypt will never be the same again.

"There is plenty of acting talent to admire... This is a talented young company with a passion for what they do, the courage to aim high, and a genuine passion for Shakespeare."


- Sarah Singleton (Swindon Advertiser)

"If you like your Shakespeare with a twist, The Scullions’ production of Antony and Cleopatra is sure to please."


- Annie Rose (Bath Box Office)

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