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Queen Lear

There’s a storm coming. Shakespeare’s Lear, told in a new light.

Shakespeare’s epic Lear, pared back and reinvented. The story of Queen Lear and her three sons is a matriarchal drama and political thriller that explores the treacheries within a family dynasty, the fears around aging and how blind we all can be to the reality we live in. Queen Lear explores Shakespeare’s classic story and its characters in the modern day and with a switching of all characters’ genders.

Queen Lear’s a modern, dark and accessible adaptation of Shakespeare’s Lear that’s been built by passionate actors and theatre-makers exploring characters archetypally played in alternate genders. Creating an exciting, emotionally charged observation of the tragedy of Lear that allows for original casting whilst championing strong women and vulnerable men.

"this is
a tight, compelling production. These talented and convincing performers really bring Shakespeare’s language to life.."


- Sarah Singleton (Swindon Advertiser)

"ALL the risks this play takes, pay off in full..."
"An excellent performance. A group to watch. Not to be missed"


- Richard Wilde

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